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Craft Food Meets Craft Beer

Hops Kitchen's cuisine can be described as the culmination of the tastes, smells, and sights that I experienced traveling and living in Southeast Asia, Central America, Southern Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Ohio, and now Virginia.  My years spent as head chef for several large resorts including, Taos Ski Valley (Taos, New Mexico) and The Boardwalk (Put In Bay, Ohio), have sharpened my tools as not only a chef, but a creator.  My plan as the owner and operator of Hops Kitchen is to bring my experiences and tools to the plate in order to serve you.  Through my travels, I have learned that it is best to utilize the resources closest to me in order to obtain sustainability.  That is why everyday I am networking with local businesses.


Chef Mike

Hours of Operation

(Check Facebook for Holiday Hours)

Pro Re Nata

Sunday: 12-8pm

Monday: 3:30 - 8 pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 3:30-8pm

Thursday: 11:30-9pm

Friday: 11:30-9pm

Saturday: 11:30-9pm​​​

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